Spellcheck was not on the money

Spellcheck was no on the money

Micro-printed quotes from the famous person featured are a new security feature. In this case, the phrase is printed repeatedly into the footpath extending from the King Edward Memorial Hospital above the shoulder of Australia’s first female MP, Edith Cowan.

The Reserve Bank of Australia confirmed it was aware of the mistake and the spelling will be corrected at the next print run.

From the micro to the macro and the effort of Canada Bay Council in Sydney’s inner-west.

It was forced to apologise to veterans and remove Anzac Day banners containing a “disrespectful” spelling error.

One of its own councillors, Stephanie Di Pasqua, alerted staff after spotting the error “Lest we forgot” on 30 giant banners on Majors Bay Road, Concord, a few days before Anzac Day.

In apologising, Ms Di Pasqua said “our community deserve to know how these banners were approved and allowed to be displayed in such an egregious manner”.

The council’s general manager, Peter Gainsford, said the error was due to a miscommunication between council staff and the printer of the banners.

In any case, the biggest news since my last column is the death of Les Murray.

The yellowish $50 note is colloquially known as a “pineapple”, and for those with a typo the, RBA appreciates it has given us the rough end. All part of a vernacular republic.